INDIELINE's mission is to advance artists as brands & help audiences interact with their music. We’ve evolved traditional artist management as a full service creative shop offering creative direction, production, songwriting and campaign creation.

INDIELINE is looking for serious artists - who are:

Ready to dive in head first.
Ready to take big and bold chances.
Ready for a team to make big things happen.

We are looking for artists who do not take no for an answer. In return, we will fight, sweat and damn near draw blood for you. We will make sure you get the press, plays, education and the music business help you need to stand out in a crowded market.


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We elevate the status of our artists with services ranging from:

  • Publicity campaigns: release planning, Bio’s , EPK creation, social media

  • Design

  • Custom music production (including producing/engineering/mixing/mastering)

  • Songwriting services and co-writes

  • Pitching for TV/movies/music libraries

  • Media and film planning/execution

  • Booking strategies

  • Music Business: Contracts (of all types)

  • Performance coaching and production

  • One-on-one support coaching for specific needs

  • Merch design and creation

  • Video promotion

  • Playlist promotion

  • Soundcloud promotion

  • Youtube promotion